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With Omega 3, Omega 6,

Omega 7  &  Omega 9


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Deep Tissue Pain Relief Suggested For:  *

Joint & Muscle Aches, Pains & Cramps
Strains & Sprains, Back Aches,
Menstrual Cramps, Headache Pain,                Migraine Headaches,
Sinus Pain, Tennis Elbow,
Sciatica, Sore Tendons,
Repetitive Motion Pain, Deep Bruising,
& Warming Muscles

Only To Mention A Few!

The Deep Tissue Professional Athlete Strength concentrated, soothing, cooling, deeply penetrating, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, water free solution with 100% Pure EmuMagic® Hormone Free, Steroid Free and Antibiotic Free American Oil Chemist Society Verified  to equal or exceed published standards for AEA Certified® Fully Refined Grade “A” Emu Oil, Methyl Salicylate for pain, Menthol for cooling, Camphor for dry skin, Lavender Oil for damaged skin, Eucalyptus Oil for damaged skin, New Zealand Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil to restore the skin. It contains no water!

Unlike most pain relief products with Emu oil such as Blue Emu®, Emu oil is the first ingredient on the label of Deep Pain Relief™.  Every ingredient in Deep Pain Relief is chosen for the benefit it can yield.  No ingredient is used at a concentration so small as to be ineffective and used just for label or marketing value. 

Our purpose in offering this product is to lessen your pain and improve your lifestyle.  We offer it at a cost per ounce and cost per use that can hardly be beaten. To prove its value to you we demonstrate Deep Pain Relief throughout our 12 states area.  PROVE IT TO YOURSELF! Stop by our booth and SHOW US YOUR PAIN! Give us the challenge to help you!

Deep Pain Relief™ Does Contain Aromatherapy ingredients, thus people with strong allergic reactions should be informed.


What Our Customers Say!

I first saw your products at the Huge UNI-Dome Craft Show in Cedar Falls, IA in Oct. 2004, where I purchased some trial sizes of the Emu Oil and Deep Pain Relief.  The Deep Pain Relief helped my leg cramps tremendously!  Within minutes of rubbing it on, the cramps begin to subside! Barb Dunakey, Testimonial 2-26-06   Click here to read full letter


I have {a joint pain in shoulders and other joints**} and developed a torn rotator cuff as a result. I ran into you at a Grand Rapids Craft Show in the summer of 2003.  After trying your Deep Pain Relief on my shoulder, I went away with the "show special" for Deep Pain Relief.  I have used all of that and then 2 more bottles I purchased via mail.  Your mail service was SPEEDY, and, of course, the product was great.  Just purchased more on the 'net'.

Please send me info on "ARK" distribution and on "dealer" distribution.    I have recommended this product to more people than I can reasonably remember.

Thank you for a product with integrity and for being there for folks like me.   Susan E Kansas City, KS  Testimonial: January 19, 2005

 **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“I have (pain**) in my hands real bad and it (Deep Pain Relief) is a real help for the pain... I have used half of 2oz bottle and don’t want to run out.  Best Medicine I have found.  I have a drug store of other products that don’t do much good-

Earlene B, Colona, IL  Testimonial: July 9, 2003

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


Zoster Pain**

After a car accident…”I came home from the hospital…with (a painful and itching skin disorder**) I was a brokeout painful mess my whole right side from literally the top of my head to the bottom of my foot.  I had been to every medical Dr. they could think of…in the hospital several times. The (ailment**) developed into (a more chronic condition**) nuralegia (the nerves are damaged and are burning themselves always).  As sick as I was (I started) the Deep Pain Relief™ and Premier™ pure emu oil and 2 wks later the OmegaMagic®.  I could tell it was making me feel better!!! The sores (some were infected) cleared up.  (Now) People comment on how good my skin looks and I tell everyone how (your products) have helped me.  This is a small version of HOW MUCH Emu magic has helped me!!!!!!

Rosanne M, Centennial, CO  Testimonial January 17, 2007

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“I attended the Country Folk Art Craft Show … and sampled your Emu Oil.  I have severe (joint pain**) in my ankle and was amazingly surprised that my ankle was not painful on Saturday from all the walking.  I regret I didn’t purchase some then, but like I said, I had to sample the product first.  I am pleased to say that “It WORKS”.

Maggie R, Lakewood Colorado,  Testimonial: September 3, 2003

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



Love the Pain Relief, I have had a headache for 3 days taking lots of medication, which was not helping.  Within a few minutes my headache was gone! Unbelievable! Where have you been all of my life?  Lori B, St. Paul, MN    Testimonial: January 18, 2002

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



“For five years I have had pain in my back/hip area because of my (a**) nerve…it makes sitting for long periods of time very uncomfortable and also tends to cause spasms in my back, sending pain shooting down my left leg…  I applied it [Deep Pain Relief™] to my back and also to the calves of my legs, which tend to get leg cramps during the night most nights.  I woke up the next morning…For the first time in a very long time, I had slept through the night…What an exciting product line!” Kimberly B, Welcome, MN  Testimonial: October 12, 2001

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



“I suffer from post back surgery with nerve and muscle pain.  Luckily I purchased my first bottle of EmuMagic® (Deep Pain Relief™)…


  My bottle was almost empty and I had seen a alternative product which was cheaper.  What a mistake I made.  The alternative product did not penetrate and give me the “warm” effective relief I get from EmuMagic® [Deep Pain Relief™].  With EmuMagic® I find myself being able to take less pain pills for my back pain.  Thanks EmuMagic®.    Helene O, Bemidji, MN   Testimonial: August 18, 2002.

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



“I am very happy to have found your EmuMagic® Deep Pain Relie™f.  I used it on September 7, 2001 with a bee or wasp bite very swollen… one day later the redness is gone and no itching…Thank you so very much for your (wonderful) oils.”  LV, Barnesville, MN   Testimonial: September 8, 2001

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



"I have been taking various medications for a month now due to my (**) nerve problem.  I used the "Deep Pain Relief™" lotion over the weekend and have finally gotten relief!  I can't tell you how great it is to sit down and not be feeling that 'pulsing' pain I've been feeling for over a month.


(Deep Pain Relief™) gave me instant relief from pain!!"    Pamela J ,  Minneapolis, Mn.   May 7, 2001

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



“My back has been sore for years. I’ve had muscle relaxants and chiropractor sessions and none of these has worked as well as the Deep Pain Relief has done in just a few minutes!”  Vicki A, MN  Testimonial: May 26, 2001  **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



“I’ve been in sooooo much pain for way too many years!  I came today in so much pain I couldn’t stand it.  With the Deep Pain Relief™ Lotion within 5 minutes I feel soooo much better! Thank You!  AM S, MN  Testimonial: May 26, 2001  **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“It was my lucky day when I met you at the…sale.  I am really pleased. It (Deep Pain Relief™) is the best medicine I’ve found for (joint pain**)”.  Margaret R, Bloomington, MN    3-28-01  **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“I had headache for three days.  Pain Relief [Deep Pain Relief™] works within minutes also deals with (my serious disorder**) in wheelchair and crutches—Wow!   Michelle G  **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“My left knee was in pain but just seconds after the Emu [Deep Pain Relief™] was put on my knee-the pain was gone!!!”  Used many ounces of Ben-Gay the day before and got no relief.  Abu M **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


"I really feel it working…it goes deep." IM, Wisconsin


"I can feel the muscles relax. It's great!" Mary L, North Branch Minnesota


“I had dislocated a rib early in the week.  After a Chiropractic treatment I was still in a great deal of discomfort.  I tried the Emu Deep Pain Relief™ and immediately found it to be comforting to my aching ribs.”    Jennifer S,  Minnesota  **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“The nice lady put some lotion (Deep Pain Relief™) on my neck and seconds later it (the pain) was gone.  Oh I forgot to tell you I had a pain in neck for 5 days (prior to that).”              Janie M, Minnesota         


"It's the only thing that's worked on my [Knee replacement] pain!" Rieno W, Minnesota


"I used it 5 times a day on my torn rotator cuff. Now I only have to use it once every 6 days." Pat C, Minnesota



Shake Well before each use.  To clean skin, apply a small amount to the affected area four times daily or as needed for pain.  DO NOT bandage or apply heat.  If a rash develops discontinue use immediately.  If excessive heat develops, apply a small amount of TheraCare or DermaMagic to the area affected.

DO NOT apply immediately before or immediately after a hot bath, shower, sauna, or heat bath.  Wait until skin pores close before application.

AVOID intoxication or excessive use of alcoholic beverages.  Three rashes have occurred when inebriation is present, and excessive perspiration is evidenced in conjunction with alcohol consumption. 

AVOID contact with the eyes or mucous membranes.  Wash before contacting skin in genital areas.

Please Note This is a concentrated formulation.  There is no need for over application.  Apply sparingly for best benefit and greatest value.

This product is not intended to replace competent medical care.   The cause for the pain should be investigated. Additional serious injuries can occur if problems are ignored and only symptoms are treated, and harmful activities or use of the affected area is continued.

For maximum product life, store in a cool, dark area. Do not store above 125 degrees F. 

To view a Pain Relief Product Comparison Chart, Click Here

To see how athletes Use Deep Pain Relief, Click Here







This notice is required by the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. The written and pictorial contents of the EmuMagic website are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider and ask any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


The dietetic products that are taken internally are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Always consult your medical professional if you are pregnant, lactating, or have any other health conditions before applying or taking these products.


*Statements made are not based upon clinical studies or representations of Minnesota Emu Inc.  They are the comments and observations of actual product  users.


Minnesota Emu Inc. recommends the use of medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of every illness.  Information regarding the use of EmuMagic products comes from the published research, industry association reports, published materials and user testimonials.  In all cases we recommend reading the material provided ( as the basis for any product usage.