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Frequently Asked Questions *

1.  EmuMagic® Deep Pain Relief Lotion™ {DPR}

Q. How is DPR so effective as compared to off-the-shelf pain relief products?

A. DPR is a concentrate that contains No Water! As such, you get the full value of the ingredients in the product. Each ingredient was chosen for the benefit it offers you.  DPR has 6 analgesics, not just 1 or 2. 

DPR also contains a high concentration of "Emu Oil", unlike other products. alone, Emu Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, deep penetrating, moisturizing emollient and an excellent trans-dermal carrier of the other ingredients.

DPR couples 6 ingredients that work on pain and discomfort in concentrations that work! Ingredients vary in quality, effectiveness and cost. DPR uses the highest quality ingredients, regardless of cost, including essential Lavender Oil, to provide you with the best performing pain reliever for your dollar. We only use New Zealand Kanuka Tea Tree oil because of its superior affect on staphylococcus bacteria.

Q.    How is DPR different from the Blue Emu® advertised on TV?

A.  DPR is a natural product without artificial dyes or fragrances.  It contains 40% Emu oil as its first listed ingredient not its 6th.  DPR contains only the natural blend of oils and uses no wax fillers or water.  DPR uses only items in effective percentages and does not use small amounts of ingredients to enhance its label appeal.  DPR is based upon American Emu Oil, which comes from our own emu raised hormone, steroid and anti-biotic free and is from Emu that are humanely raised using premium feeds and never contained in feed lots. DPR relies on word of mouth for advertising.  Our customers sell our product for us. 

Q. How does the cost compare to over-the-counter products?

A. When you compare the cost per month to achieve benefit, DPR is an excellent value. With other products, numerous applications are needed over a very long period of time for mere moderate relief. DPR provides quick surface relief and then deeply penetrates into the tissue for the more lasting deep tissue relief.

DPR with Emu Oil provides a cumulative benefit. That is, sufferers of chronic pain report that DPR needed to be applied less often over time to get the same benefit.

DPR was formulated to relieve chronic pain from athletic activities, not just minor pains. It is provided in a concentrate, rather than a watered down version to provide serious athletes and serious pain sufferers with the relief they seek to maintain performance levels and maintain lifestyles at a favorable per use price.

Applied according to directions, DPR is an extremely economical pain analgesic per application.

Q. Will DPR burn my skin?

A. Very unlikely if you follow the directions and shake it well before using. The warming ingredients of DPR are natural ingredients. The principal analgesic is provided by methyl salicylate from natural wintergreen oil. We do not use capsicum or capsaicin, although the established medical community has approved it for use combating arthritis, because capsaicin reportedly burns the skin especially in the elderly.

DPR uses a natural heating and cooling anti-inflammatory approach to providing relief. First you feel the warmth and soon thereafter you feel cooling to the skin.  The real benefit often occurs long after the heating/cooling sensations have disappeared.

Q. Do you make a pain reliever without odor?

A. DPR contains the natural aroma of its ingredients with no attempt to mask them. To gain a similar effect, but with a lesser benefit, we would have to substitute ingredients that are known to damage skin. As yet we have found no way to deliver the same benefit without the natural aroma.

Q. I am allergic to aspirin. Can I use DPR?

A. DPR contains methyl salicylate not acetyl salicylate (acetylsalicylic acid is aspirin). Methyl salicylate comes from natural wintergreen oil.

We have not experienced anyone reacting negatively to methyl salicylate. Unlike oral pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, the topical application of DPR does not interact directly with your digestive system or your internal organs and is not a pain blocker.  Thus, it avoids many of the side effects from pills or capsules.

Q. Since the product is a concentrate that lasts a long time, what is its shelf life?

A. The manufacturer suggests a shelf life of 2-3 years when kept in cool dark conditions.  However exposure to heat can shorten the shelf life of the bottle.

Q. How long does DPR take to work?

A. Normally to feel the effect of DPR takes at least 15 minutes although you may experience an immediate topical sensation of warming and cooling. The full benefit of DPR occurs over several hours and accumulates with use. We have reports from chronic pain sufferers of receiving their first relief in years within 20 minutes and it lasting several hours.

When DPR is used on joints and severe deep tissue injuries, benefit may take a much longer period. Reported joint relief for some has taken numerous applications.

 Q. Does DPR heal the injury?

A. No. DPR works on reducing inflammation and discomfort allowing your own healing mechanisms to work for you. Pain indicates a problem requiring medical attention. DPR should not be used as a symptom reliever to allow you to exacerbate the underlying medical problem causing the pain.

Some preliminary announcements from immune system studies involving Emu oil indicate that Emu oil may be a synergistic participant in healing through its relief of inflammation and its high content essential fatty acids.

By reducing inflammation, natural blood flow is returned and natural healing is allowed to progress.

 Q. How should I use DPR?

A. Roll-on or spray on a small amount to the clean affected area at the source of the pain. Lightly massage it in to receive the quickest benefit. [A little goes a long way so there is no need to pour it on.]

Professional athletes have covered the affected area, especially involving joints and deep tissue bruises with plastic wrap to focus the heat. Caution is recommended when following this practice. Removal of the plastic allows the skin to breathe and cooling to occur. People with sensitive skin should not attempt to increase the heating effect.

Never use DPR either before taking a sauna nor just before or just after a hot shower. Cool down after exercise before applying DPR.  Allow the pores to close.

Q. How often can I use DPR?

A. Every 3-4 hours is suggested.

Q. What can I use DPR for?

A. Customers find new uses for it every day. We provide a list from what our customers tell us.  

Q. Who currently uses DPR?

A. Competitive Athletes, Senior Citizens, People suffering from pain, marathoners, joggers, bicyclists, weekend athletes, walkers, soccer players, high school sport participants, swimmers, trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, hockey players, truck drivers, chronic pain sufferers, fibromyalgia sufferers, arthritis sufferers, moms, and dads, senior citizens, lawyers and ordinary people like you and me.

Q. Do you use DPR yourself?

A. Emphatically yes.  It was originally developed to alleviate the pain from two torn rotator cuffs.


2. Pure Premier Emu Oil™

Q. Why is Emu oil in all of your products?

A. Emu oil was discovered by the Australian Aborigines to be an excellent source for healing. Science has discovered that Emu oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids and Omega-7 and Omega-9 critical fatty acids. It is non-comedogenic (it doesn't clog pores like most oils); it is a natural anti-inflammatory; it is a deep penetrating trans-dermal carrier, meaning it deeply penetrates the skin layers; it penetrates quickly; it is a natural moisturizer; it aids in cell regeneration; it aides in reducing wrinkles; it retards scarring; it favorably impacts the human immune system; it is hypo-allergenic and bacteriostatic; and it is odorless.

Being rich in so many ways, we found that adding Emu Oil to our products increased their effectiveness and created a synergistic benefit that positively impacted other ailments and maladies.

Q. There are many Emu oils on the market. What makes your oil different from the others?

A. EmuMagic is fortunate to have control over the product from its inception. Emu oil comes from the fat of the Emu. By controlling the feed quality and intake, we are able to maximize the beneficial properties of the fat. Through control over the harvest, storage, processing, refining and packaging we assure the efficacy of our oil and preserve its quality. And by storing our oil in cold temperatures, we prolong the life of our products.

Every batch undergoes laboratory analysis so that it complies with our MSDS (material safety data sheet), and so that you receive a product that is of consistent quality.

We are pleased that our birds are all hormone, steroid and anti-biotic free, and that they are all treated in a humane manner and never subjected to feed lots, cramped or unhealthy conditions.

All of our products are prepared and manufactured in accordance with all Federal Drug Administration regulations, and processing of consumer meat occurs under USDA inspection.

The diet of the Emu determines the chemical content of the fat it produces.  According to Dr. Michael Whitehouse, Emu Oil chemistry varied significantly in relation to the effectiveness of the oil.  EmuMagic® oil comes from birds that are consistently fed the best premium feed diet to produce a consistent fat chemistry.  It is not blended with fats from birds on lesser feed programs.

Q. Do you have to kill the birds to get the fat?

A. The birds are raised commercially for human consumption. We waste very little of the birds, in fact we recover about 95-97% of the bird for by-products. Unfortunately, we have found no effective way to extract the fat without harvest. Therefore, our birds are always humanely harvested and we are present at each harvest to ensure our standards are met.

Q. Why do Emu oil prices vary so greatly?

A. The information provided in the studies of Dr. Michael Whitehouse indicates that the beneficial properties in Emu oil vary greatly. The testing our processors have provided verifies the variance in fat qualities. Therefore, the birds we accept must be on specific feed programs, which we designate. We will not accept any others unless scientific proof of fat quality accompanies the fat.

All EmuMagic® Emu Oil is of consistent quality to provide the maximum benefit to you from this marvelous creation--the Emu.

With the entry of the East Indians and Chinese in the market, emu oil quality has varied and prices have also.  Unfortunately, the consumer is not cognizant of variations in emu oil quality and stability and they can fall prey to vendors of substandard products offered at premium market prices.

Q. How much Emu oil should I use?

A. Emu oil is very viscous--very thin and spreads out. One drop goes a very long way! We recommend you use the oil sparingly, although excessive amounts will not hurt you-but they may be greasy and slow to penetrate the skin..

Q. Are there different grades of Emu Oil?

A. The American Emu Association Oil Standards Committee has set minimum standards, which oils must meet. Therefore, officially you have oils that meet this standard and those that do not.

Various companies and groups have described a number of different Emu oil grades, often based upon their own criteria.

We use three definitions of Emu Oil quality: Ingestible; Cosmetic and Animal Grade. Ingestible is the highest grade and is intended for internal human nutritional or dietary supplementation. It must meet exacting USDA quality standards to be used for human consumption. Cosmetic Emu Oil contains the same chemical makeup but it does not undergo the same extensive refining or certification. Animal Grade Emu Oil is quality oil, which is solely intended for animal topical use. It is clean, pure and filtered, but it is not as highly filtered or refined as human use products are. We do not use substandard fat for any of our products.  For our products we only use ingestible highest grade emu oil.

Our MSDS is published under consumer information on this web page:

Q. Is there definitive scientific proof of the effectiveness of Emu Oil?

A. Some, but not a lot. Remember there isn't that kind of evidence for many products you use regularly, like aloe or even aspirin.

We would like such studies to occur, but the pharmaceutical companies do not have incentives to fund them. Dr. John Lee describes the problem in his books and lectures: natural products cannot be patented. Therefore the potential for a drug company to make profit from natural products is less than from man or chemically altered and patentable products. Take progesterone for example. Progesterone occurs naturally in hundreds of plants. Instead of marketing natural progesterone which cannot be patented, companies chemically alter (enhance as they say it) progesterone from wild yams and mare urine.

They then patent these man-made products and market them to the medical community for HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

The studies performed on Emu Oil to date have primarily been product support studies. In other words, testimonial evidence indicates a benefit from Emu Oil, and a company performs limited testing to verify that its products do produce that benefit. Most of these studies are proprietary and not generally available to the public.

Q. Have any patents been issued for Emu Oil?

A. Yes several. Emu Man Oil Co patented a formula for Emu Oil in combination with methyl salicylate for the relief of arthritis pain. A formula for Emu Oil with a topical anesthetic has been patented. Emu oil use for healing, immune systems and other maladies have been patented. Emu Oil in combination with products like natural progesterone have current patents applied for.


This notice is required by the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. The written and pictorial contents of the EmuMagic website are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider and ask any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


The dietetic products that are taken internally are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Always consult your medical professional if you are pregnant, lactating, or have any other health conditions before applying or taking these products.


*Statements made are not based upon clinical studies or representations of Minnesota Emu Inc.  They are the comments and observations of actual product users. All sales are subject to our product guarantee as listed