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100% Pure & Natural
PremierTM Emu OilTM

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EmuMagic® Pure Emu Oil is derived from hormone, steroid and antibiotic free American Emu. These Premium Emu are fed premium feeds, humanely managed and naturally bred for consistent high quality. The oil is processed, tested by an independent AOCS Chemist and meets or exceeds AEA trade rule requirements for certified Grade “A” oil. It is the highest grade of emu oil recognized.

For thousands of years the emu has provided the Australian Aborigines with a soothing, therapeutic oil which has aided in healing their wounds, soothed and moisturized sun ravaged skin, and eased the pain from swollen, inflamed joints and sore muscles.



What Do Our Customers Say: *

Skin Disorder**

My daughter has battled with severe (itchy flakey skin disorders**) and large volumes of allergies her entire life… Because her skin is often open from itching, she is hospitalized often 2 times a year or more for major skin breakdowns and (very bad**) infections.


We've gone thru endless samples at dermatologists, herbal methods, special baths, etc. with little or no result. Even been questioned by authorities of abuse/neglect due to her appearance.


The EmuMagic® oil caused no rashing, did not sting, and even better - much to my skeptical surprise WORKED! Saturday I bought the oil. That night, due to her allergies, she got hot and rashy, and had heavily scratched up the backsides of both legs/knees. … When I put on the oil something amazing happened. …I watched her legs, over the course of an hour - in disbelief. It was like watching someone steam out the lumps and wrinkles from an old shirt. The red, swollen scratches and "angry red" surrounding areas slowly calmed and went back to near-normal. The next day, you couldn't even tell she'd scratched at all


I had also put the oil on her wrists which are normally the texture/appearance of dry elephant skin.  These have also softened greatly, and the deep creases from years of scarring are subsiding!


Thank you   thank you   thank you! 

Heather M   Hastings, MN  Testimonial July 2008

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“I had given some of the Emu Oil to my daughter, who in turn passed it on to a friend whose 5-year old daughter was suffering from painful (skin ailments**) on her face, legs and arms.  They had tried everything on the market with no results, until she used the Emu Oil.  To their utter amazement, within a short period of time, her skin was free of any signs of “(it**)”!  Now whenever her daughter gets any kind of a 'boo-boo,' she tells her mama that she needs her Emu Oil!  It is now this little girl's cure-all for everything!”  Barb D,  Waterloo, IA Testimonial February 21, 2006

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“My red itchy bleeding (skin ailment**) healed to a point where you could no longer tell I ever had a problem.  In some places it had been as thick as a man’s belt.”

             David W B, Cedar Rapids IA          Testimonial: May 9, 2003

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



“My son has (a flaky skin ailment**) on his knees and was constantly itching and scratching.  Everything we tried prescribed by the family doctor and the dermatologist didn’t work. This product (Premier Emu Oil) worked wonders!


Within 2 days his eczema was 75% better.  Carol K  Testimonial: 8-26-03  **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“You have literally saved my life!!!  No one knows until they live with (an itchy skin disorder**). Arlene K, Bloomington, MN  Testimonial: 9-20-02      

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


“… from now on My Cure Is (EmuMagic® Premier™) Emu Oil.  Thank you so much for having such a good product. Bessie E, Elk Mound, Wisconsin   Testimonial: April 27, 2001



Breast (Ailment**)

“I am 52 years old and I have breast (ailment**).  My skin was so sensitive from the chemotherapy and I was in need of something that deep penetrating but gentle so that it did not further irritate my skin.  I took the Emu Oil to my oncologist and she told me it was a wonderful moisturizer as well as an anti-inflammatory.  I began using the Emu Oil right away.  I was amazed.  Within days I could see the difference in my skin…..


I started my radiation treatments in October. My radiation oncologist was very familiar with your product and highly recommended it to prevent radiation burns. I saw many women in the clinic with some nasty burns.  My burns were very minimal and I had no pigment changes at all.  My oncologist agreed that this was due to me being faithful with moisturizing with Emu Oil. 

Cathy L, Hudson, WI  Testimonial: Jan 2006

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



Blotchy Skin Ailment**

“I can’t thank you enough for the Emu Oil & Lotion. My (blotchy skin ailment**) has started to clear up w/in hours. I’ve had (it) since college & tried many products & nothing has worked.  Your products have restored my confidence.  You now have a customer for life.

PS. It dried my zits up.

Jeniifer Issendorf, Minot ND  November, 2007



Rare Skin Problem**

I recently ordered some emu oil and just happened to be helped with a lifelong problem.  I have (a skin ailment**) which looks like red goose bumps on my legs and the backs of my arms.  There is no known treatment for this condition and most people try to manage it by using harsh scrubs and very strong alpha-hydroxy acid products but it never really seems to go away.  After using your oil one time I had a greater improvement in the appearance and condition of my skin than I have had in years of using other products.  The more I use the emu oil the better my skin looks.  I really can’t believe this has happened to me.  It has been years since I have every considered exposing my legs or arms and now they look the way they did when I was a kid.  I have searched many years for an answer to my problem and am so happy that I found you.  Your product has given me back a huge chunk of my self esteem and has allowed me to feel normal again.  Thanks so much.  Nancy W  Testimonial: February 17, 2007    **Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements



Eye Lid Burns

 “I…had burned my eye with a curling iron… It had taken the skin off… and burned off my eyelashes.  A friend…had seen this booth with Emu Oil and suggested I try this.  One drop on my finger—I rubbed it on my burns and it was instantly pain free. I have never had a product work that fast…Within 6 days I was completely healed and you never knew I had been burned.  Jean B, Platteville, WI  Testimonial: 2/18/06



Avian Bumblefoot

“The results were amazing.  In about six weeks, her feet looked better than they had in years.  We continue to use the Emu oil once a day and her feet look great.  We’ve started using (EmuMagic®) Emu Oil on some of our other birds and are pleased with the results.  It helps cuts, scratches, and of course, bumble foot.    Staci Arnold, World of Birds Show Zoologist, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, Minnesota    Testimonial:  April 25, 2001     To View Actual Letter CLICK HERE


"I can't live without my emu oil!" CVS, Minnesota

Zoster Pain**

After a car accident…”I came home from the hospital…with (a painful and itching skin disorder**) I was a brokeout painful mess my whole right side from literally the top of my head to the bottom of my foot.  I had been to every medical Dr. they could think of…in the hospital several times. The (ailment**) developed into (a more chronic condition**) nuralegia (the nerves are damaged and are burning themselves always).  As sick as I was (I started) the Deep Pain Relief™ and Premier™ pure emu oil and 2 wks later the OmegaMagic®.  I could tell it was making me feel better!!! The sores (some were infected) cleared up.  (Now) People comment on how good my skin looks and I tell everyone how (your products) have helped me.  This is a small version of HOW MUCH Emu magic has helped me!!!!!!

Rosanne M, Centennial, CO  Testimonial January 17, 2007

**Name of actual malady redacted to comply with FDA requirements


Tongue Sore

“I used pure Emu oil on a very painful sore on my tongue and most of the pain was gone in a few seconds.   Patricia F


Contact Dermatitis

"You won't believe this ... my dermatitis improved after one night".      BS, Fertile, Minnesota, PhD


Cancer Radiation Treatment

"My skin didn't burn. I buy a bottle for everyone going through radiation!"    Ann, Minnesota


Sunburn Pain

"I used it twice yesterday and once today and my sunburn pain was gone, and it turned to tan. It didn't peel."   JR, Crookston, Minnesota, Banker


Skin Moisturizing

"I used the oil for one night…It did more for my skin than $100 products I have used for years."  NL, WBL, MN Cosmetologist



from now on my cure is Emu oil.”  “My ulcer is healed over and almost gone.  The Doctor said keep using it cause nothing we’ve tried worked.”   Bessie E, Elk Mound, WI

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This notice is required by the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. The written and pictorial contents of the EmuMagic website are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider and ask any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


The dietetic products that are taken internally are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Always consult your medical professional if you are pregnant, lactating, or have any other health conditions before applying or taking these products.


*Statements made are not based upon clinical studies or representations of Minnesota Emu Inc.  They are the comments and observations of actual product users.


Minnesota Emu Inc. recommends the use of medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of every illness.  Information regarding the use of EmuMagic® products comes from the published research, industry association reports, published materials and user testimonials.  In all cases we recommend reading the material provided ( as the basis for any product usage.