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I have another story for you


The Country Dog Goes to the City

My puppy Tonka, the golden retriever, just finished telling me a story about her trip to the big city. I want to share that story with you.

Tonka was born in Elbow Lake Minnesota, a small town not far from where the North Dakota and Minnesota state borderlines meet.

At 13 weeks of age she moved here to the Ranch to protect my relatives and me. She was so little and cute everyone liked her. Then she started to grow.

At six months old she was full of pep and energy. She ran all over the Ranch. She visited most of our neighbors and made friends with all of the other dogs on Musky Bay. But then she began racing up and down the fence lines scaring my breeding uncles and aunts. She got into a lot of trouble for doing that. Eventually, she was confined to a long leash to keep her close to home.

Occasionally she would ride into town with my friends Pat and George, and she usually behaved pretty well. But when she got around strangers she would jump up and down like a circus dog. She could jump several feet into the air with very little effort.

Well, people started calling her by her nickname—“snarvely”--because as she jumped around she would make snarling noises.

Last Friday, my friends had to journey to Minneapolis, a city with over 2 million people. No one would take care of Tonka and she couldn't be left alone. So she got to ride along on the trip.


Most of the drive she slept quietly. But when they drove into the outskirts of the city, she sat up in the back seat with her paws on the back ledge and her nose glued to the back window. Her head would turn left and right and then snap quickly back to the left again as the car passed new things to see. She said there were big bridges the car drove under at the same time lots of cars were driving on top of it. And she says she saw buildings that were taller than more than two of our old Norway pine trees. People were running in and out of doors everywhere.

Big cars with lots of people drove by the car and left clouds of black smelly smoke. She said they are called buses. She said all of the ground was covered with hard white or black stuff and she couldn't see any grass. [I don't think us Emu would like living there!]

She said she even went into this tall building where the car drove around and around as they drove higher into the sky. She said even she started getting dizzy. She called that building a parking ramp. I don't understand why people want to park cars in a building like that?

Tonka stayed in the car to protect it. All day long cars went around and around the place she was trying to sleep. At night, Tonka's car left the city and went to see grandma and grandpa. Again, Tonka sat on the seat with her paws on the back ledge and her nose pressed against the window. She said there were more lights than she had ever seen before. The city was so brightly lit up that Tonka could not see the stars. I wouldn't like not being able to see the stars.

But Tonka's excitement wasn't over yet. While loading the car the next day in front of this tall building where people rent rooms to stay overnight, Tonka was the only one in the car. A person in a large truck called an expedition tried to drive into the parking ramp but got stuck because the truck was too tall for the entryway. So it backed -up the down ramp and right into Tonka's car. The jolt threw Tonka to the floor, smashed in the front lights and pushed the car into our friends knee. Tonka didn't like that part of the city at all.

Luckily the car was driveable and my family came right home to the Ranch where we only have five of six vehicles. Tonka was so glad to get back home. She sat outside and called to all of her friends. She especially called to her boyfriend Stub. He is a Black Labrador retriever who lives next door. {His name is Stub because he is so stubborn.} On the Ranch next door means he lives about 800 feet away. Tonka says it is so nice to be where you can run without black and white hard streets and people everywhere.

Tonka said it was fun to see all of the stars once again shining clearly in the nighttime sky.

Well gang, I see my food is coming so I have to finish this letter to you.

I will write again real soon.


I have my own e-mail address, so write me at peewee@emumagic.com and let me know what you like.

Stop back soon for more of my stories!

PeeweeSee Ya!



Photographs courtesy of Pictures by George @ gmciii@emumagic.com All Rights Reserved


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