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Hi Gang,

Itís me. Peewee!
I have another story for you



I thought you would like to know a little bit about my home,

my family and me.

There use to be five groups in the family of Emu. But now due to hunters and feral predators {they are predatory animals the were imported to my home continent of Australia and that were not found their before they were imported}, there is only one branch of my family left alive.

The Australian Outback

My ancestors once lived in Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea and several other island areas.

The Tasmanian Coastline††

But now we are only free in Australia. Do you know where Australia is? All the rest of the Emu in the world are kept in zoos, private collections and on commercial Emu ranches. Our Ranch is a commercial Emu ranch, but I will always have a safe home here.

There are now Emu on every continent and almost in every state and country.

In Australia Emu eat grasses, bugs, berries and carrion which are dead animals. But here in America, and especially at my Ranch, we get special food made just for us Emu. It is made from vitamins, minerals, grains, grasses and lots of important things for us to grow big and strong. Our food is made in Oklahoma and is delivered by truck. It's a very big truck.

You know what's really puzzling? All of the grain and alfalfa in our feed comes from Minnesota and North Dakota, but it is made into pellets in Oklahoma.

Emu, like me, eat about 2 pounds a day. We eat a lot because our digestive system is very small. It only takes four to six hours for my food to be digested and changed into waste.

Emu have special muscles that let us run really fast. A Japanese group of doctors studied us Emu to see why we can run very fast for a long time. They said it is because we have that special muscle in our thigh.

Maybe that's why we are so good kicking bad things that scare us.

I remember once we had a Canadian lynx visit the Ranch. He was trying to steal our babies.

The Lynx

Boy did we surprise him! All of us adult male EMU's jumped into the runways and into the baby's yards to protect them. That lynx had to deal with 18 of us big birds, and he wasn't too happy doing that.

My uncle Moe chased that lynx off the ranch. In fact, Moe chased that lynx over a mile before he stopped to eat some wild raspberries. My friends had to go and bring Moe home. They found him by following little pieces of the lynx. I don't think the lynx ever came back to the ranch.

Another night this big dog came to visit.

The Timber Wolf

He walked in quietly and never made a sound. He came up to our fence and saw that all of us big guys were standing there looking at him. When we stand at the fence we stretch real tall, and fluff our feathers out. Some of us are almost 7 feet tall when we do that. He looked at us for a minute and then just walked away quietly. My cousin Curious said the dog was really a big timberwolf.

We have lots of animal visitors to the ranch. Deer stop by every night. The black bear and their babies visit a couple times a year. And we have lots of geese, ducks and songbirds fly by. Around our houses we have special bluebird houses. And we have whole families stay there until the weather gets cold. We also have a strange group of birds called loons that call out at all hours of the night. Then there are those pesky wild turkeys. I now know why they call them turkeys.


The Wild Turkey

The Loon

They just hide in the woods and cackle gobble-gobble all day long. Can you believe it? One of the founders's of our country, Ben Franklin, wanted those noisy birds to be our national bird, not the eagle. He must have been struck by lightning flying those kites of his.

Almost all of us permanent residents of the Ranch have names. Many of us are named based upon our personalities. Curious is always watching and sticking his nose into things. Lady walks around with a stately arched neck and looks like royalty. Shadow will follow you around and like to make a soft drumming sound. KuKu got her name because she is from France and has always been a little bit crazy. There are some 200 of use permanent residents at the Ranch, and another 300 that are here for a little while.

One thing that I can not get use to is what they call meal times around here. At noon some people eat dinner and others eat lunch. At six some people eat supper and some eat dinner. And when you get invited to come to dinner, you don't know whether you are supposed to come at noon or six. People are so weird. Emu can't tell time from looking at a clock, so we just eat whenever we are hungry. Isn't that more sensible? I think so.

JuJu is at the fence talking to Moe junior again. I guess I should go and see what's going on.

Stop back soon for more of my stories!

I have my own e-mail address, so write me at and let me know what you like.


See Ya soon!



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