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Hi Gang, its me. Peewee!

I have a story for you


Peewee likes the fall season

Once again the crispness of the fall nights is telling Pretty Girl and me that breeding season is upon us. Winter will soon follow?    Ugh!#%%     Not yet!     Oh well.

This will be my fifth winter at Heart of Minnesota Emu Ranch, and it will be Pretty Girl’s fifth winter here at the Ranch.

I really like the fall season!


The tree leaves turn all different colors:

reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.

Colored leaves really stand out as pretty pictures that are accented by the greens of the pine trees that remain green all year. That's probably why they call those trees evergreens.

But we have a different evergreen tree around here that

turns yellow in the late fall and its needles drop off. It is

called a tamarack tree.

It really likes the moist ground we have in our wetland areas.

Not far from my home is the nesting place for over 400 Bald Eagle families. We often have these other big birds with 8-foot long wings fly over our house.


They soar in the air so majestically.
On a sunny cool day we watch the eagles

soar high in the sky.




They are so pretty to watch.




Sometimes they tumble and roll and play way up high in the sky. It is like watching a gymnastics show.


Did you know that eagles are the national birds of the United States of America? Emu, like me, are the national birds of Australia and are protected just like the bald eagle.


But in the spring, we don't like to see the eagles because they like to eat our little chicks. To protect our babies we keep them inside the basement of the ranch house until they can protect themselves. And when we let the babies outside, they always have an adult bird, a papa, with them to protect them.

Fall is the time for football games. When visitors see me and my neighbors run and play they say that we should teach the Vikings how to run. When we play we can tip our little wings toward the ground while we are running. That gives us balance to make very fast and very sharp turns. People call us the best running backs. What does that mean?

In the fall the oak trees drop acorns which are seeds for new oak trees. Every year we forget what acorns do to our stomachs and we eat some. George and Pat laugh when they see the little piles of purple poop we leave behind after eating acorns. They like to say it's Viking season again because of the purple color.

I like the end of the summer and the early fall.

The caterpillars go into cocoons

and a little later magically appear

as pretty butterflies.

My cousins and I like to try to catch the butterflies as they fly through our yard.

Fall is the time of year when we start to grow our winter feathers. Actually they start as pinfeathers in the summer but now show up as dark black and brown feathers on our coats.

Fall is when Juju drops her air sack and starts to strut around the yard making a loud booming sound like a tympani drum. We call it drumming season. Our neighbors across the lake think that the Ranch owners are operating their heavy equipment in the upper meadows all night. But really it is our 250 ladies trying to get our attention and to tell us it is time to start making eggs.


My Pretty Girl


Emu Picture

Look at her big air sack

Did you know that our eggs weigh almost a pound and are green in color? They are. Actually our eggs shells have many layers of different colors: blues, greens, whites and all kinds of different shades. Some of our ladies lay smooth eggshells and others lay bumpy eggshells. Juju lays deep green colored eggs with few bumps.

The coming of fall means the end of our being able to play in the mud and water puddles. We like to sit in the water and splash and play. We will sit up and fluff out our feathers and shake them until they are clean.

Fall is my favorite season. It has pretty colors, cool nights and warm days. It is great living here on the Ranch!

Heh Kids, what do you like best about the fall season?


I have my own e-mail address, so write me at and let me

 know what you like.

Stop back soon for more of my stories!

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