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(West Nile, Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza, Parasites, and terror threats against the food supply, etc prompted our Vets to recommend restriction of all tours to reduce and help reduce the spread of disease)



Heart of Minnesota Emu Ranch

Heart of Minnesota Emu Ranch is a proud member of the Lakes Area community.


Located on the shores of one of the cleanest lakes in Minnesota, Lake Belle Taine, this working ranch was designed to preserve the recreational use of the lake and to be totally environmentally friendly. The ranch is so inconspicuous that residents of the area refer to it as one of the "Best-Kept Secrets" in Nevis. Even few full-year residents know the whereabouts of this environmentally friendly Emu operation with nearly 400 birds.


At the request of the community, the ranch was opened for public tours in the summer [May through August], and by specific appointment. The rest of the year the ranch tours are available by appointment only. [Call the Ranch for current tour status.]


We offer a one to one and one half hour walking tour of this 40 acre Emu facility which houses nearly 400 birds from early hatch chicks to 10 year old breeders [depending upon the time of year].


The Ranch has 5 dedicated emu barns the smallest being 34' x 56'. There are also 4 pairing huts and a separate climate controlled 450 sq. ft. incubation, and a 1300 sq ft hatching/early growth facility. [Not available to public tours during hatching season.] And yes, then there is also Peewee's house. If tourists are calm and quiet Peewee may even allow you to visit him.


The guided tour includes the history of the Emu in America, samples of Emu products [oils, lotions, meat, eggs, feathers, leather] and a visit to the chick, yearling, two year old and breeder barns. Pictures of you with Peewee the Emu are available for a fee-when he cooperates. Remember, all of our birds are wild, not domesticated.


The Ranch Tour is by fee only, and donations are accepted, and tipping the tour guide is never prohibited. EmuMagic Emu Oil based products are available to sample and purchase.


Facilities are accessible to tour buses and large motor homes. And visitors are welcome to come by boat and tie up at our dock!


We have hosted numerous school, senior citizen, agricultural and state tours.


Heart of Minnesota Emu Ranch has been featured on the cover of "Emu Today and Tomorrow" magazine and "The Ostrich News" magazine. Numerous newspaper and television media have presented featured stories about the ranch for their viewers. Don't be surprised to find reporters from KSAX/KRWF, KTCA, KCCO/KCCW, or others filming during your visit. We never know when they are coming.


When visiting the area, please include this unique tour in your agenda.


Usually from May to Labor Day tours are by appointment. Tours are not available by drop-in or by luck!  With the restriction from our Veterinarian, each visitor must follow strict biosecurity measures to protect the birds. 

 Telephone your request to 218-652-2303.






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