The Minnesota Emu Story

Our ranch was founded by retired CPA couple George Constans (BA, BS-B, Sc.D., CPA, Past Principal of a Minneapolis Business Development & Consulting Company) and Patricia Constans (BS-B, CPA, Past AVP Norwest NA Corporate) in 1993 on the 40 acres of land which had been purchased in 1987 and where they had built their 1200 sq ft weekend retreat/retirement home in 1990.

The next year they got their first birds: 2 yearlings and 4 adorable chicks. The first egg was laid in 1994, prompting the purchase of the first of many Hatchrite incubator in late 1994. They hatched a total of 33 chicks hatching out of 34 eggs that year. Involvement in the American Emu Association, its councils and committees,  along with several emu co-ops, and an association with Peter Clark (the Emu Man brand founder) helped to expand their experience and knowledge of the emu industry.

Minnesota Emu manufactures and distributes a quality line of emu oil that verifies each batch matches or exceeds all published standards of national and international organizations for quality emu oil. Emu oils are derived from emu MEI and its group of ranchers raise on a specific feed and husbandry program to maximize the Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7, and Omega 9 content.

The Ranch has grown to 5 barns, 5 specialized breeding huts, 12 automated and upgraded incubators, a 3.990 sq. ft. office/house, 1300' indoor baby runs, a 14x70 mobile home, 2 semi-dry trailers, and 4 cargo trailers. We still hand make all of its products from the ranch in Nevis, Minnesota. It designs all labels, graphics, brochures, flyers, website and makes everything onsite with our own staff.

Unfortunately George passed into heaven on April 22, 2016, their 40th wedding anniversary. His legacy was spending his life helping others and Patty continues that legacy today.

Our facility is FDA (Federal Drug Administration) registered and inspected.

The emu industry has had its highs (30 thousand AEA members) and its lows (misappropriation of funds, a devastating market crash and less than 30 members in the AEA) over the years. Through-out all the industry highs and lows, personal tragedies and economic upheavals Minnesota Emu and our quality products have survived and will continue to strive towards our founding goals.

George M. Constans III and Patricia A Constans applied their considerable business and interpersonal expertise to the idea of quality emu products and customer care. That is still our goal today: to Improve Quality of Life of People, Pets, Livestock, & Wildlife with the Blessings God gave us with Emu Oil.

George Constans


Patty Constans


Emu Chicks

Owner & Staff


Patty Constans

We are passionate and enthusiastic about the products we offer. We go above and beyond, especially in these trying times. These products are powerful and work like magic because each product contains emu oil which includes all the Omegas - 3, 6, 7, 9 - all of them!

If you happen to meet me personally, I am called Chatty Patty, because I love educating people about our emu products. My life is 24-7 about emu - you can ask anyone who knows me. It is my life, it is my passion. I am emu-thusiastically yours. I am here to improve the quality of your life with our quality products. When you work with us , you will find out we are not your “typical company” because we are big enough to serve many and small enough to care about you, our most valuable asset - our customer.

We are so appreciative of our customers and listen to all they share as they have taught us so much. We thank you all for continuing to use and share our products with your friends and family - and even strangers! That is how we have grown! We care about our customers and our customers care about us.

Welcome to our EmuMagic family!


Chatty Patty



Aurora, also affectionately known to many as Blinky, has been with our company since 2003. She heads up our computer and graphics departments along with preparing the products for shipment to you. She cares for the birds and is our dedicated hard working emu wrangler. If an emu happens to escape its pen, she has no fear in tackling it and getting it back inside. She loves beading the emu eggs and making art out of the eggs, feathers, leather, and bones. She is well versed in the products as she uses them all. She takes the EmuMagic supplements and uses all of the products topically as well. She is a great source of knowledge, loves our products, and cares about our customers. She is also an expert in our products and you can meet & greet her at the shows we do!


Lisa has been with our “family” since 2014. She is knowledgable about our products, manages the office and orders, and even has to manage Chatty Patty & Blinky! Lisa always has a smile on her face which you can hear in her voice as she helps you with your order. Lisa is a great source of knowledge, loves our products and cares about you, our most valuable asset, our customers! 

Walking with the Dinosaurs Adventure Tours

Wonders of Emu, Rhea & More!


An interactive experience for all ages. You're invited to visit and experience what we are so passionate about and think you will be too!

Over 200 birds including:
- Australian Emu (now native to Minnesota!) 
- South American White & Grey Rhea 

Available for purchase:
- Complete line of Quality EmuMagic Products
- Emu, Rhea and Ostrich Eggs
- Painted and beaded egg art 
- Egg shell jewelry
- Feathers and feather art
- Postcards and souvenirs

Fun and learning for all ages!