“My 91 year old grandmother has been using this for her arthritis and it greatly works quickly and without the side effects of pain medications.”

Elizabeth P.
St. Peter,  MN

“Your Emu Oil is the only product that significantly reduces the itching on my back.  I also use it on my legs whenever I shave them and it eliminates the pain & itching from that too.”

Margaret A.
Goldon,  CO

“The Omega Magic pills have made my skin so much softer, I can’t imagine the good it’s doing to the rest of my body!”

Brenda J.
Eden Prairie,  MN

“After spinal surgery several years ago, my aunt’s back gives her so much pain that she will lay in bed for days at a time unable to get up.  After using EMU Deep Pain Relief, she states the pain is alleviated tremendously.  THANK YOU!”

Gladys M.
Brooklyn,  NY

“This is the ONLY product that clears up my children’s [itchy skin]*.”

Melissa W.

Bondurant,  IA

*redacted as per FDA regulations

“I have only used one bottle of the Omega Magic, but already my arthritis and stiffness in my knee and hands is 100% better than it was.  Hoping it will get even better!  The pain is almost gone.  Works Great !”

Pamela S.
Little Falls,  MN

“Works great for my wife when she gets leg cramps.  We own a restaurant so she’s standing all day.  I’m so glad we found a product that really works not on very well, but also very fast.  Thank you!”

Keith D
Minot, ND

“Our Wheaton Terrier had major skin problems his entire life.  Hot spots, rashes, always itching, smelled bad.  It’s all gone with a couple of drops of Emu oil on a milk bone every morning.”

Mike C.
Yuton,  NE

“I had toenail fungus for decades.  Used medically prescribed Rx and many over the counter products.  Nothing worked.  Starting using Omega Magic and after 9 weeks – the old nail sluffed off and a healthy new nail was exposed.”

Carolyn R.
Pipestone,  MN

“For five years I have had pain in my back/hip area because of sciatic nerve.  It makes sitting for long periods of time very uncomfortable and also tends to cause spasms in my back, sending pain shooting down my left leg…I applied Deep Pain Relief to my back and also to the calves of my legs, which tend to get leg cramps during the night most nights.  I woke up the next morning and for the first time in a very long time, I had slept through the night…What an exciting product line!”

Kimberly B.
Welcome,  MN

“I have [dry itchy skin]* on my midsection and legs.  Emu Oil really does help alleviate the redness and itching.  I would rather use a natural product than a pharmaceutical.”

Rob L

Hastings, MN

*redacted as per FDA regulation.