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The health of your family, including your beloved pets and livestock, is always a top priority for us. You will find that our EmuMagic® Premier™ and Pearls of Emu emu oil has a wide variety of uses and is safe for both humans and animals. In fact, Australia’s Aborigines have been using emu oil for centuries to treat pain, burns and bug bites & stings. You will find that our selection of emu oil products can help keep your whole family healthy. The highest quality ingredients are used in all of our products, including our emu oil!

At Minnesota Emu, we believe the oil you use to improve your quality of life starts with the quality of life of the emu. Our emu are treated with the upmost respect and are always raised hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free. The manufacturing process to create the high-quality emu oil is closely monitored and checked for quality every step of the way. You see, we are committed to improving you & your pets’ quality of life!

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